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Four Benefits Of Affordable Dentures and implants

Missing teeth can be uncomfortable and may even cause embarrassment, but there is good news. Affordable teeth implants are available to relieve your discomfort and improve your smile. Dental implants consist of titanium posts that your dentist inserts into your bone and act like teeth roots. A crown or denture is then placed on the titanium posts. Dental implants closely resemble your own natural teeth. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect after contacting BIOS for your affordable dentures and implants. Prevents Bone Loss Bone loss begins as soon as you lose your natural teeth. Within the first year after losing a tooth, the jaw bone may recede about one-quarter of an inch. Without tooth replacement to prevent bone loss your body has no need for this bone and without the support of teeth and your facial bones, your face will lose its natural fullness, causing skin to sag and prematurely aging your face. One of the best benefits of dental implants is that they help to stimulate the bone growth in your jaw, which helps the jaw bone remain strong and healthy throughout your lifetime. Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Imagine being able to eat all your favorite foods without any difficulty. Dentures help somewhat with chewing; however, the risk of slipping dentures still prevents you from being able to eat and chew certain foods. Dental implants are attached to your jaw, just like your natural teeth, so you will be able to regain the ability to chew food easily. With affordable dental implants, you are unlimited in the foods you can eat. Improved Speech Not only can dental implants improve your eating and chewing, but they can also improve your speech. Teeth are essential for pronouncing words and sounds clearly, so if you’ve lost one or more teeth, you may have difficulties speaking like you once did. Dentures often slip, which unfortunately may also affect your speech. Dental implants do not slip or shift, so they can help you speak more clearly, allowing you to pronounce words the way you did before losing a tooth. Affordable Dentures and Implants There is good news for those who are experiencing challenges with their dentures. Dental implants can help secure your dentures, which is especially helpful for lower dentures. The implants replace lost tooth roots in your jaw bone, so having dentures secured by implants means you no longer have to struggle with loose dentures. If you want to eat what you want to eat, speak more clearly and regain your lost confidence, BIOS can help. Our affordable implants prices can change your life by helping you live without compromising on your health and happiness. From a single tooth to a whole mouth of missing teeth, we believe that affordable implants are the ideal solution for replacement of missing teeth. We have helped thousands of people who have sought trustworthy dental care at affordable prices. With a focus on affordable dentures and implants, we are here to help you regain your smile. Contact BIOS to schedule your consultation or appointment to start treatment.

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