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Oral Surgery: Improve Your Smile With Dental Implants

Research has shown that losing your teeth can have long-lasting negative emotional effects, no matter your age. So, if you’ve lost some teeth to cavities, trauma, extractions, or periodontitis, dental implants could be exactly what you need to look and feel your best.

At Brisman Implant and Oral Surgery, we provide premium dental implants that permanently replace lost teeth. As one of the leading experts in New York City, we guarantee reliable results that you can enjoy for many years to come.

The Step-By-Step Procedure Of Dental Implant Exams And Oral Surgery

Oral surgery takes anywhere between a few hours to several months to complete, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Here’s what you can expect at our dental practice. 

Dental Exam And Consultation

Before considering dental implant procedures and oral surgery, we first have to make sure you’re a good candidate. On your initial visit, we’ll assess your teeth with a thorough dental examination. Using a 3D imaging device, we’ll render an accurate copy of your teeth to determine whether you need endosteal or subperiosteal implants. 

Finally, our team will create a personalized treatment plan to fully reconstruct your smile. Depending on the results of your dental exam, we’ll offer to replace your missing teeth with either single, multiple, or all-on-4 dental implants. 

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Based on your dental history, digital scans, and oral health, you might have to get other procedures before getting implants. This gives you a higher chance of success, optimal long-term results, and a faster recovery period in between surgeries. Some patients may need prophylaxis, wisdom tooth extraction, or root canal before moving forward with dental implants.

Scheduled Surgeries

The next step involves plotting your surgeries based on the type of dental implant you’re getting. 

Single and multiple implants will be placed gradually over multiple visits, spread out over 6 to 18 months. We repeat this process until we’ve completed the restorative procedure. 

All-on-4 implants only take 2.5 hours of surgery per arch, which means you need fewer visits to finish the process. Same-day implants give you temporary crowns so that you’re not missing teeth in between sessions.

No matter what type of implant you get, we make sure to match the shape, color, and position of each tooth for personalized and natural results. Rest assured, our dental experts will keep track of how well your implants are healing before placing individual prostheses on top of each abutment. 


You’ll experience some post-surgery pain as your dental implant sites heal. This normally takes 6 weeks. While you’re in recovery, it’s crucial to maintain excellent oral hygiene at all times. 

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

When done by professionals and maintained with proper oral hygiene, dental implants should last you a lifetime! All of our dental implants are made with titanium implant posts, abutments, and custom composite crowns made to fit your mouth perfectly. 

The Best Dental Implants At Brisman Implant And Oral Surgery, NY

If you want to replace your missing teeth for good, we’ll be happy to recommend the right type of dental implants for you. Led by Dr. Adam Brisman, our team of experts are ready to help you find more reasons to smile with confidence. 

For long-term solutions, get the best dental care at Brisman Implant and Oral Surgery, NY. Schedule an appointment at our practice today!


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